Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado


In the Sierra "Do Leboreiro" in a wide area of the plateau border, it encompasses one of the largest concentrations Northwest dolmen Peninsula, with over 100 cataloged tombs, among which the Necropolis "Das Mamoas" camera funeral, which has one of the largest tombs of Galicia, "The Big Mota", with interesting paintings and engravings inside, still considered one of the largest dimension known throughout the peninsula.
A Mota Grande
What is a Grave?
Also called barrows (tumuli, which means grave in Latin). The set of earth and stone cairns that surround and protect the camera (dolmen) generally tend to be circular. The mounds are highly variable in size, from six to ninety feet in diameter, and its height can reach two meters, although there are some over nine meters.
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Town hall of Quintela

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