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Ayuntamiento de Quintela de Leirado
Community House is located in the core of Xacebans. It was inaugurated in the year 2008, since then has been operating with its total occupation, which are 12 users.

Regulation of the regime inside the Community House of XACEBANS - QUINTELA DE LEIRADO

  • DEFINITION: Community housing of Xacebans is an equipment of medium size, aimed at hosting in regime of almost-familiar coexistence to a maximum of 12 fully autonomous people.
  • CAPACITY: This Community House has a maximum capacity of 12 people.
  • ADDRESS of the Center: the Center is located in Xacebans s/n, in the council of Quintela de Leirado
Casa comunitaria

Community housing will offer a versatile and comprehensive care, will cover different needs of the user, will support and stimulate the aspects of human communication, self-esteem and the improvement of living conditions.

The activities carried out in the community housing may be complementary other interventions carried out by different professionals other programs or projects in the Municipal Area of Social Welfare.

Xacebans community housing take place following services benefits:
  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance and personal care.
  • Rehabilitation, occupational therapy and recovery.
  • Social care.
  • Complementary services: those that are designed to improve and complement the care to the elderly (recreational and cultural services...).
  • Services that can be reconciled with those initially offered, as for example temporary stays can be planned: short stays to alleviate situations of need condition: travel families, temporary closure of the usual support resource, hospital discharge, periods of rehabilitation...

Casa comunitaria
Community users of the Center House will contribute to the financing of services, unless in any case the maximum amount the beneficiary pay exceeds the actual cost of the square, which will be fixed by the Council which is also responsible for its fundraising. Users will collaborate on the cofinancing of services, depending on their situation of dependence and to services and care received; without prejudice to the obligation on the part of users to process all the aid which they may incur.

The tax period will coincide with the calendar month, except in the case of onset or cessation of the service. In this case the tax period begins or ends, as appropriate, the day in which occurs the onset or cessation.

The fees determined by the application rates will be irreducible. In the case of temporary stays with periods less than a month liquidatorios, the shall be reduced proportionally to the number of days of stay.

The spaces within the residential complex, are set monthly rates specified below:

The spaces within the residential monthly rates are established:
  • Valid people in single room: 710 EUR / month
  • Valid people at double room: 663 EUR / month
Complementary services:
  • Laundry service:
  • Food service:
The amounts mentioned are updated on a yearly basis in relation to the Galician IPC.

The payment of the instalment is required in regime of reverse in the following way:
  • The first monthly fee when you formalize the inscription.
  • The remaining monthly payments during the first five days of each month.
The payment will be made by direct debit to charge the holder of the account designated for the payment of the pension.

Non-payment will result in the cancellation of the registration


The reserved places are those that are assigned to a beneficiary but that it is not occupied by justified reasons (hospital internment...) still cost 30% as provided for the occupation of the square.

The absences of residents, voluntary or forced (placement in specialised centres), of duration equal to or less than four days per month, not slowing the amount of the share. As of the fifth day, and whenever it is just cause and prior authorization from the Directorate, the amount will be reduced up to 30% applied to those days and imputed to what would result from the established daily cost.

  • The access of users to community housing will be processed at our centre or in units of social work area, where you will receive the demand and will facilitate the application to the effect form.
  • The request addressed to the Ilmo.Mr Mayor, will be presented to the Municipal registry entry accompanied by the following documents:
  • Once the application is filed, the Social worker will issue a social report in which self-sufficiency, economic, social and family situation of the applicant and of the living unit, and other data of interest to the resolution of the request will be valued.
  • The selection of the users will be made in accordance with the following basic requirements:
  • At the time of admission, be delivered to the user a copy of the copy of the RRI endorsed by Vice President. Shall be recorded delivery and its date.

Establish a trial period of 1 month duration for the adaptation of the user at the Center and for the evaluation by the interdisciplinary team of the adequacy of the resource. This month the contract can be terminated. The parties undertake to return the delivered on account of not to exhaust the test period.


The contract for the provision of services must identify:
  • To the Contracting Parties.
  • Services will be provided.
  • Price of services.
  • Form of payment.
It will include a clause for the purpose that is authorized or not by the applicant, the computerised processing of their personal data, in accordance with the provisions of organic law 15/99 of protection of data of a Personal nature. The place, the date and the signature of both parties will contain.

The contract may not establish provisions unfair, contrary or substantially different from in the RRI, and must be issued in duplicate and shall be signed by both parties. A copy will be delivered to the user.

Annexes to the contract:
  • An inventory of belongings of the user at the time of his admission to the Center.
  • A statement which specifies the target/recipient of their belongings in the case of exitus.
  • Receipt for the deposit of valuables in the safe of the Center.
  • Copy of the authorization to the Bank to charge on account of the amounts due for the services provided.
  • Book of claims available to users.
  • Liability policy.
  • Individual user record. Cause low in the Center will return all documentation provided by the user, or copy thereof.
  • VISITS: Visiting hours will be from 10 a.m. to the 13.00 h. in the morning, and from 16.00 h. to the 20.00 h. afternoons, all the days of the week, and shall comply with the following standards:
  • COMMUNICATION with the EXTERIOR of the Center: ensures the maintenance of communications with the outside, well by phone or mail.
  • MEETINGS/reports of the Centre with the family: whenever so required, the Centre will convene relatives or responsible for direct user to inform them of any issue deemed important concerning the same.
Similarly, relatives or persons in charge of the user, may request a meeting with the Centre for the information they consider necessary about the user.
  • DISABILITY onset: Centre managers will in the case of sudden disability, put it to the attention of the judicial authority for the purpose of the provisions in article 763, 'Not voluntary internment by reason of mental disorder', law 1/2000 of 7 January, code of civil procedure. In cases of abandonment Center responsible for put in knowledge of the public prosecutor the determining facts of the high incapacity.
If during the tenure of the user at the Center, was incapacitated and be appointed legal guardian, shall be provided to the central copy of the Court ruling. From now on it will be the guardian decision making, without prejudice to judicial intervention in cases where appropriate, according to the legislation in force.
In the event that the doctor may order that a resident has to be taken to hospital, the Protocol to follow is as follows:
Casa comunitaria
  • House community it will notify the family or guardian that the resident will be transferred to the emergency room so it is served.
  • The resident will be accompanied at all times by staff of the Centre and shall carry with him the medical records of the patient and health card. Passenger will remain in emergency until delivered medical reports which bring and leave the address of the residence or reaches the resident family and be made responsible for making this management.
  • If relatives can not go to the emergency room, once the Center's staff to return to the center, the family will be called to confirm if the resident was entered either returns to the residence.

  • To access the community housing and assistance without discrimination by reason of sex, race, religion, ideology or any other condition or personal or social circumstance.
  • Consideration in the treatment, due to the dignity of the person, both the staff of the Centre or service as the other users.
  • To the professional secrecy about his health and social history data.
  • To excursions abroad.
  • To maintain relationships, including the right to receive visits.
  • To support individualized according to your specific needs.
  • Personal privacy depending on the structural conditions of the centres and services.
  • To facilitate access to social, health, educational and cultural care and, in general, all personal needs that are precise to achieve their integral development.
  • To use the services or to leave the Center at own will.
  • To associate in order to encourage their participation in programming and activities.
The exercise of the rights referred to in paragraphs d) and i) will be subject to limitation pursuant to judicial resolution.

  • Abide by the rules on use of the Centre or service set out in the internal regime regulations.
  • Observe conduct inspired by mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation, aimed at facilitating a better coexistence.
  • Collaborate in carrying out certain tasks which, without pose a risk to your health or for the purpose of the processing, serve to improve their personal autonomy and participation in the life of the Centre, in accordance with provisions in the internal regime regulations.

The condition of user of the Community House will be lost for the following reasons:
  • Resignation voluntary user or by request of the tutor or legal representative of the same.
  • Absence for a period longer than 30 days without due cause.
  • Concealment and misrepresentation of data. In the case of economic data it may make the reimbursement of 100% of the cost of the stay at the Center retroactively.
  • Death of the user.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements for membership in the Centre, such as: final transfer of their residence to another city, disappearance of the causes which gave rise to the income, among others.
  • Lack of cooperation from the user in the development of the performance of the Centre, inappropriate treatment of the user towards the staff and other users.
  • Repeated breach of the rules of operation of the Centre reflected in present RRI. Of these neglect will be part in the individual record, and prior to the resolution of the contract in these cases, should mediate the corresponding contradictory record.
The neglect should be reported at least 5 days in advance, both the user as of the administration of the Centre.


  • For the benefit of all, care facilities, which constitutes its own home.
  • Keep the rules of human coexistence and respect the most elementary norms, reminding them, for such purposes, to the freedom of everyone ends where begin the rights of others.
  • Both hygiene and respect other users, is essential to save the most elementary rules of grooming. For this purpose, do not spit on the floor, in the bins, ashtrays, etc. The health of everyone deserves a behavior clear in this regard.
  • Any object that is, deliver it immediately in the Centre or warn that they collect it. Therefore, if you lose something, go to staff of the Center.
  • It is strictly forbidden to give gratuities, gifts, etc., to the staff of the Centre.
  • Any variation that affects the circumstances that motivated your access to use of the Center, you must put it in Knowledge Coordinator of Center.
  • There are activities that you can develop and for which there are specific facilities. Life in the Center depends on the participation of all users in such activities. We hope their collaboration.
  • Television must only be operated by persons authorized for this purpose.
  • Respect all schedules set. Rest assured that any modification shall be notified in advance.
  • During the hours of cleaning of the common areas, refrain from using them to facilitate this.
  • The outputs that are made outside of the Center by personal circumstances (health centre, government agencies...) will be on their own.
  • In the communal areas, proper clothing will be used and proper personal hygiene will be maintained.
  • The use and enjoyment of the areas and common services, facilities and furniture of the centers will be which corresponds to the characteristics of the same, doing each activity at those sites for them and according to established schedules and standards.
  • Manipulation of devices will be made only by persons authorized by the Directorate in the communal areas.
  • As a general rule, animals will not be permitted domestic centers except in exceptionally expressly authorized cases.
  • For reasons of health, hygiene, security or other cause, the management of the Centre may agree to overhaul of the rooms, closets and, where appropriate, apartments of the residents, always in the presence of the person concerned and a member of the constituted bodies of participation.
  • Residents must apply for authorization to the management of the Centre to install personal furniture or to modify the existing distribution.
  • Architectural modifications not may be in apartments or rooms.
  • For the use of devices that produce noise and are not previously installed, there must be express permission always granted based on the incidence or disturbance in the Center and respecting rest periods.
  • As a general rule, will provide bed linen and towels for personal use of the residents. However it may authorize the use of own lingerie.
  • Perishable foods or any other affecting negatively elementary hygiene and cleaning are not allowed in the rooms.
  • Laundry services are used for the cleaning of personal items, not any space in the rooms can be used for washing and drying.
  • In order to avoid losses and facilitate the subsequent washing cast, the clothes will be marked according to the instructions in the Centre will notify users.
  • The possession and use of devices that may involve risks of fire or toxic or flammable substances is not allowed.
  • Cannot be installed locking mechanisms existing in doors and Windows Accessories, nor the inputs or outputs must be hindered.
  • The menu prepared by the Centre will be published weekly.
  • Dining room hours will be enforced.
  • Where residents do not wish to make use of the room service, they must communicate it in the advance disorders do not occur in the development of the service.
  • Except for cases on medical prescription, meals will be served in the dining room.
  • The access and permanence in the dining room is reserved exclusively for residents, except where permission for specific reasons previously defined.
  • It is not allowed to introduce or remove from the dining room food or utensils.
  • The anomalies observed in the functioning of the elements and facilities shall notify the person who is assigned to the effect.
  • It must be notified to the address or person to which delegates, any prolonged absence or the overnight outside the residence. In any case, the absence for more than four days duration must be authorised by the management.
  • The voluntary absences by periods that exceed 45 days, will result in the cancellation of registration with the reservation of places.
  • Irrespective of the nature and duration of the outputs, residents with nursing control, shall be informed previously by practitioners dependent on whether or not the output. However, the final decision and responsibility for it will correspond to the resident, yes had fullness of powers or, where appropriate, to the family or head of the output.
  • As a general rule, is the responsibility of the Centre cleaning rooms in the schedule that is determined to do so. However, the residents who are eligible to do so and express the desire to do it, can help in these tasks.
The Organization and operation of the Centre shall ensure fundamental rights and shall comply with the following principles:
  • Integration of the resident in the Center and in their social environment since the time of their admission
  • Promotion of standardization understood as development of a life style similar to the of the reference environment.
  • Attention to the basic needs of residents that guarantee the maximum of personal autonomy.
  • Respect individuality, privacy and differential treatment.
  • Participation and co-responsibility of the professionals in the monitoring of the evolution of the users.

The head of the operation of the Centre is the direction, with the following responsibilities:
  • Representation of the Center.
  • Administration and management.
  • Direct, coordinate, and inspect the operation of the different functional areas and services of the Center.
  • Responsibility for the development and implementation of the different programmes and actions.
  • Ensure respect for the rights of the residents.
  • Those that had been entrusted to it which may be necessary for the proper functioning of the Centre.

When you have a problem with a user, do not criticizes you; put it to the attention of the Coordinator of the Center.

Remember that all standards issued by the direction must be complied with and meet, therefore, if the staff tells you something about, how and Act, behavior, etc., please note that there are rules laid down for the internal operation. If you agree is not, refer to those responsible for Center. The Center's staff deserves all the respect and consideration; when he points to or required its services, please do it with kindness. Functioning to everyone's satisfaction, we remind you that it is 'at home' and that it is his duty, therefore, cooperate with the management and staff of the Centre.


Hygiene is recommended bath once a day. The people who need it may request assistance from the staff of the Centre, and suit is, in this case, the established schedules.


Unscheduled activities, or collaborate in any service center, see Center Coordinator.


Casa comunitaria
Community House the smooth running of the Centre requires that any suggestion that can go in the same benefit should be revealed, either directly to the staff of the Centre, Coordinator, or to the address.

In the general operation of the Centre, there may be things or situations that are not to its liking. When you want to raise a complaint or claim, please contact the Coordinator for the Center, exposing what you wish.
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