Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado


From Ourense

Concello de Quintela de Leirado
To reach Quintela de Leirado from Ourense, we have to go to Celanova for the AG-31 motorway. Celanova is the point of confluence of two important roads: the N-540 (Ourense-Portugal) and the C-531 that unites A Cañiza with Xinzo de Limia. Also in the region there is access from the AG-31 to the A-52 in Celanova.

Once at the entrance of the village take direction Cortegada - Quintela de Leirado, C- 531 (address A Cañiza, Cortegada) and, less than a 1 km., at the exit of Celanova, at the height of the Civil Guard barracks take a deviation to the left of the regional OU-0209 address Quintela de Leirado. It is well signposted.

Passed a small hill you will find the village of SANTA EUFEMIA (Milmanda). Then comes CARRACEDO and after that you will arrive to LEIRADO (approximately 12 minutes from Celanova).

From A Cañiza

Once in A Cañiza take direction Cortegada, about 13 Km approximately and there address Celanova. Arriving at Celanova, we take in the field of municipal football on the right, the road towards OU-0209 Quintela de Leirado.

From Portugal

Another access is through the road Bande-Condado (OU-411), which comes across the neighbouring municipality of Verea.
- OURENSE: 32 Km.
- SANTIAGO: 132 Km.
- VIGO: 88 Km.
- PORTUGAL (Valença): 62 km.
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Town hall of Quintela

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