Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado


Concello de Quintela de Leirado
Quintela of Leirado is a municipality located in the region of Terra Celanova border with Portugal. It is located at the foot of the Sierra "do Leboreiro" proving particularly attractive for active tourism (adventure sports, mountain, hunting, fishing ...)

The relief is organized around Deva river valley, which oath is deep valley and vital economic artery of the town. Its inhabitants are Quintelán. The relief is organized around Deva river valley, whose valley forms the vital economic artery of the town. In its surroundings are provided two topographic units giving it a rugged appearance and high altitude on the south has altitudes above one thousand meters in the foothills of the Sierra "do Leboreiro" summits as "Penagache" (1.224metros) the "Aguillon" or "Castelo" looking rough and steep slopes. Preserves are located northwest hills and plain peaks between 700 and 900 meters, as the preserve of "Silva Dark" or the preserve "da Moura".

Deva River, a tributary of the Miño, born at the foot of the mountain of "Penagache" in Arrotea, 1,000 meters high. It has a feature winding with steep slopes. The Deva directs the entire river network and fertilize their land, later flows into the River Minho.

In the Middle Ages Leirado parish was subject to ecclesiastical jurisdiction Ramirás monastery, while Santa Maria de Leirado and Redemuíños manor belonged to the Marquis de Malpica. The parish configuration was modified in 1836 with the creation of the parish of Quintela of Leirado, completing in 1893 with that of Xacebáns.

GPS coordinates: 42 ° 7 '48.47 "N 8 ° 5' 26.24" W
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  • Museum of Emigration to Equatorial Guinea
  • Mancomunidade Terra de Celanova
  • Deputación Ourense
  • Xunta de Galicia

Town hall of Quintela

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  • O Bosque Máxico
  • Acceso Móbil
  • Axencia Galega de Desenvolvemento
  • Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente
  • Xunta de Galicia
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