Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado



The church belonged to the Monastery of Ramirás is a magnificent example of Baroque art from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was built between 1,664 and 1,701. It has Latin cross plant with three naves separated by columns and wooden deck. The apse has vault and barrel-vaulted sacristy, in which a sink is noteworthy shaped head.
IGLESIA de San Pedro de Leirado
IGLESIA de San Pedro de Leirado
Inside, the most notable are his altarpieces: altarpiece has a major and two minor lateral altarpieces Baroque made ??in the seventeenth century. The main altarpiece, the work of Alonso Lopez and Bernardo de Cores, consists of a base, three body and top, which depict scenes from the life of Mary, the New Testament and depictions of saints.

In the middle two images of San Pedro, one sitting on his throne and the other representing his martyrdom. The base of the altar is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting the evangelists.
IGLESIA de San Pedro de Leirado
Church of San Pedro de Leirado also catches the attention of the tabernacle, more than two meters high, meticulously carved with scenes from the Bible, highlighting your door a model with the Last Supper, Adoration of the Shepherds, Nativity of Salvador or the scene of David and Goliath. It may be the most beautiful in this part of the province of Ourense in its variety compositional and decorative. 

Once outside we can see the bell tower divided into two bodies surrounded by stone balustrades decorated. The rest of the facade is very simple, with the only decoration a niche with a statue of St. Peter. Also, around the church, we can see the remains of an ancient Via Crucis.
IGLESIA de San Pedro de Leirado

Church located in the heart of Quintela. It is from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The altarpiece stone images of San Jacinto and San Antonio. In its vicinity is Carmen Chapel. We have to emphasize that it is the only parish dedicated to St. Paul in the Diocese of Ourense. It was held in the year 2010 bimileniario the birth of St. Paul, apostle to the Gentiles.
IGLESIA de San Pablo

IGLESIA de San Salvador
Church located in the heart of Redemuíños and eighteenth century date. Inside contains one of the finest Baroque altarpieces in the region, the same century. Its structure consists of a single nave ending in a simple classic bell, which provides a framework for the main front in the same line. In its surroundings, is the rectory, with a beautiful sundial carved in stone
IGLESIA de San Salvador

Shrine of ánimas (spirits in transit) formed by a body sculpting at its front, bounded at the ends by pilasters of slight shoulder sockets fitted with plinth and slice, the entablature begins with molded architrave, frieze, cornice convex and ends with stepped profile on the an attachment which sits subsequently placed.

The niche with shelf corbelled lintel, contains within half stone relief which represents San Francisco hosting a bore, aided in its ascent by two projected in strict symmetry.

Church located in the parish of Mociños
IGLESIA de Santa Isabel
IGLESIA de Santa Isabel

IGLESIA de las Ánimas de Mociños
Shrine give simple bores structure with semicircular ornaments and moldings free shelf, covering the front of the monument, the austere arrangement of shelf is repeated in the form given to the ledge, but also experience greater flight. Crown set a small cross.

IGLESIA de Santa María
Also located in the nucleus of Leirado. It is a rural church model has a robust bell tower and a façade divided into two bodies. The first has two pairs of pilasters flanking the main entrance and ended baroque pediment scrolls, and the second shaped pediment, has in the center with a rose window lets light inside. 

IGLESIA de Santa María
Church of Santa Maria already inside the precious altarpiece stands dominated by the image of Our Lady of Remedies and Marian scenes completed.

Church on the heart of Xacebáns. This temple is the eighteenth century. Opposite a nice calvary.
IGLESIA de Santiago
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