Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado


At the top of the mountain "Do Facho" is the Clock Tower, which also bears the name Clock was built so that the neighbors have the exact time to make deliveries of irrigation water runs, especially at night then, by day, could make use of the solar clock in the Church of San Pedro, in Leirado.

Watch "Do Facho" is a handmade clock tower donated by emigrants to Argentina in the decade of the 40s. The watch is manual and has a very heavy machinery, about 150 kilograms. A construction later added a balcony on the outside that serves as a lookout for the residents and tourists who come there.

It was included in the inventory as well Municipal in 1992 by the current mayor.
Reloxo de O Facho
Thursday, 02 of July


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Town hall of Quintela

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