Quintela de Leirado
Quintela de Leirado


The House of the town hall was inaugurated in the month of may of the year 1991 being mayor José Antonio Pérez Cortés and with the following Corporation:
  • Gumersindo González Novoa
  • Ramón Vázquez Conde
  • José Fernández Yáñez
  • David Domínguez Díaz
  • Celso Domínguez Estévez
  • Jesús Manuel Senra Vázquez
  • Aurelio Vázquez Martínez
  • Enrique Domínguez Domínguez
The Town Hall of Quintela de Leirado, is a building of recent construction, with two floors, indoor inclined flat four waters, with a flying eaves, and is accessed via a staircase with two sections, between the grade of the street with the level of the entrance door.

The ground floor appears setback, almost a centreline on the floor, allowing the formation of a portico as a porch. In its Center, and recast, the door entry and both sides displayed two large glass doors that illuminate the ground floor units. In the upper floor emphasizes greatly curious circular balcony of iron bars, which can be accessed via two twin doors located at the ends, and which is protected by a roof in mansard, with a lunette circular gable that breaks. The building is clad in rough stone. Under the balcony are the letters: CITY COUNCIL HOUSE.
Concello de Quintela de Leirado
The Town Hall is located in the core of Leirado, at an altitude of 566 metres above the level of the sea in Alicante. The location coordinates are latitude 42º 07 ´ 47,6 ” N longitude 8º 05 ´ 22,7 ” O.
  • City Hall hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.
  • The Town Hall has in its facilities with the municipal library.
The library as well as the City Council began operating in 1991. It aims to respond to the needs of information and bibliographic documentation in all areas of education providing bibliographic information to educational programs.

The library provides its users the following services:
  • - Reading in the room. The library has a table with several positions of reading, that can be used by all residents.
  • - Home loan. Service limited to the inhabitants of Quintela de Leirado.
  • - Bibliographic information.
  • - Photo documentation. The library has Photocopying. Reprography of documents is subject to the Spanish intellectual property Act and the internal rules of the library.
  • - Certification service.
  • - Two public computers with internet, printer and scanner service.
  • - WI-FI
Library hours are the same as that of the City Hall, from 9.00 to 14.00 hours.
Concello de Quintela de Leirado
Sunday, 16 of June


  • Museum of Emigration to Equatorial Guinea
  • Mancomunidade Terra de Celanova
  • Deputación Ourense
  • Xunta de Galicia

Town hall of Quintela

  • GDR Límia Arnoia
  • O Bosque Máxico
  • Acceso Móbil
  • Axencia Galega de Desenvolvemento
  • Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente
  • Xunta de Galicia
  • Galicia
  • Feader: Europa inviste no rural

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